UPDATED 28/09/06

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The term spyware refers to a broad category of malicious software designed to interupt or take partial control of a computer's operation without the informed consent of that machine's owner for the benefit of a third party such as a hacker. Spyware differs from a virus or worm, but it is designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system. As the spyware software is inputed into your computer, it begins to exploit it for commercial gain which includes pop- up advertisement and theft of personal information. As well spyware might monitor your web activity for marketing purposes or routing of requested sites to advertising sites. There are many ways to remove spyware from ones computer system. Microsoft anti spyware is a form of a spyware doctor that sweeps the system clean of all malicious files. Theses spyware cleaners also act as anti spyware or protection against spyware software.