UPDATED 24/10/06

Lindsay Lohan
Just Her Luck !

Lindsay Lohan's luck seems to be running out, as she continues to face disappointing trials while the media scrutinizes her every move. This year has definitely been Lohan's lowest. After seeing the sexy teen queen arrive on carpet, revealing a little too much, too soon, accusations started that Lindsay had her breast enlarged by plastic surgery. Media had a field day, trying to prove the rumor true .One night, as Lohan exited a nightclub drunk, her spaghetti straps bust, as bodyguards tried to help her escape the media frenzy that was waiting outside. Nevertheless, the paparazzi were alert on her mishap and took demeaning photos of her almost topless, and plastered her nude nipples all over tabloids next day. Then this summer, Lindsay was hospitalized, after showing signs of exhaustion and anorexia. Lindsay hoped to improve her image by requesting to accompany Senator Hillary Clinton to Iraq to provide entertainment relief, but U.S Security denied her request. As if Lohan had not been through enough, upon her entrance in London at Heathrow Airport, on September 8th, Lindsay was robbed of her Hermes designer bag filled with jewelry, asthma inhaler and other valuables. Paparazzi showed pictures of a tearful Lohan, breaking down when she received the news. British authorities moved quickly to retrieve Lohan's belongings and by the next day an anonymous angel, delivered Lindsay's bag to officials. That was not enough to keep the aspiring actress, from finishing her tour to promote her new critically acclaimed movie, "Bobby". Although life seems to be dealing Lohan some wild cards, Lindsay Lohan gets back up and uses her struggles, to inspire her music. Lohan brings reality to her role as “Ashley” from the "Just My Luck" movie, as she bears a resemblance to the main character that loses her luck and winds up for sometime, failing at everything in life".But “Ashley” redeemed herself, so maybe Lohan can too. Who knows with luck!

Hospitalized, Second Time This Year

 As temperatures elevated to a reccord high this summer, Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized. Lohan was admitted on July 25 for extreme heat exhaustion while working on the set of her new movie "Georgia Rule."

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Linsay Lohan on the big screen. Lohan has attended her share of ceremonies and awards naturally creating some wardrobe malfunction that makes her stick out amongst the crowd. These Lindsay Lohan pictures are found all over the web and attract many hits every day. This past week her latest movie “ Just my Luck” came out, and she is in the process of finishing her new album. Things are going great for Lindsay, and she has a chance to be nominated in the upcoming Nickelodeon and Kids choice awards. So how good are things going for the pop star? In the past several months, Lohan has been linked to numerous men, none of which she has confirmed. The press makes Lohan out to be a boy crazy girl, when the truth could very well be that the media lies and she's just an unlucky girl. It’s not totally impossible that she’s a wild party animal. Amid the many Lindsay Lohan pics photographers have caught, are some of Lindsay flashing people in a club. The Lindsay Lohan cheek slip “flashing” was compared on a minute scale to the wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson. On the up maybe she has calmed down. She’s back to her original hairstyle and color, she doesn’t look so bulimic and has gained a healthy amount of weight. Maybe she stopped picking fights with Jessica Simpson or hanging out with Kate Moss. All these pop divas have a hard time steering away from trouble in the media. From Christina Aguilera to Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson, they all enjoy acting out in the lime light. Who wouldn’t?